Magic of Oxidation

The Magic of Oxidation

Why Oxidation can affects our Indoor Environment Quality?

Oxidation is the process in which an electron is taken away from a molecule. Taking away electrons disrupts important cellular structures of microbial. Oxidation can disrupt the cell wall of bacteria: the membrane stops functioning, no transport of molecules is possible. Also, the barrier can break and important constituents can leak out of the cell. Oxidation can also affect all structures inside the cell such as important enzymes and DNA. Damage caused by oxidation can sometimes be repaired by cells, but when there is too much oxidation damage, the cell / microbial will die.

Aqua+5 Family – Powerful, non-harmful biocide & oxidizer

Gard d’aire Aqua+5’s active ingredient is chlorine dioxide which was first discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1814.  Chlorine dioxide reacts very differently from chlorine, it is environmental friendly, safe for food and water processing because it decomposes into salt and water after use.  Since chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide and oxidizer which does not react with many other organic compounds, it does not produce harmful byproducts, making chlorine dioxide safe to use as a disinfectant and transform volatile organic compound into non-harmful substances Formaldehyde is a major component in the Volatile Organic Compound family and Aqua Plus 5 can oxidizes formaldehyde to formic acid and finally to carbon dioxide.

The Miracle of Aqua+5 Family

Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient of Aqua+5, which is an oxidizing biocide not a metabolic toxin. Aqua+5 kills micro-organisms by disrupting of the flow of nutrients across the cell membrane, not by disturbing the metabolic process. What this means is that it is safe to use around children and pets.

Aqua+5 is available in solid,  liquid and gas form and are often used in tandem to treat porous and non porous surfaces.

  • The active ingredients of Chlorine dioxide physically attack and eliminate the microorganisms versus other methods that poison and leach harmful chemicals.
  • Aqua+5 will destroy odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Once Aqua+5 SCD or AquaSan is sprayed on a surface and activated, it penetrates the biofilm, destroying the microorganisms living underneath. AquaGaz is a gas with strong oxidizing properties which quickly neutralizes and eliminates odors permanently.
  • Aqua+5 will attacks cell wall and creates a breach in the cell wall and physically destroys the source of the odor.
  • Aqua+5 SCD will breaks down to salt and water when exposed to light and air, making it safe for the environment. Proper storage is requiredAqua Plus 5 is so safe and easy to use, its use & application is so extensive, click for “Where to Use Aqua+5 family”

stabilized chlorine dioxide

In a dried form, Aqua+5 functions as a highly selective oxidant that can be sprayed or fogged. Given proper contact time, Aqua+5 SCD eliminates microbial and odors on porous and non porous surfaces, then decomposes into salt ions and water.

deodorise reactor

In a gaseous form, AquaGaz eliminates foul odors caused by mold, mildew, smoke, skunk smells, organic sources, and chemical odors in unoccupied confined spaces. The gas and liquid can be used separately or in tandem as prescribed by our extensively field tested protocols.

on-demand pack

revolutionary patent delivery system creating on-demand powerful aqueous chlorine dioxide for odor control and disinfection. AquaSan comes in an easy to use, pre-formulated pouch for eliminating odour and microbial at its source. Can be used in almost all surfaces.